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Your Free Solar Panel Application

The first step to getting free solar panels for your home is the application process. We have made the application as simple and straight forward as possible as we know everyone hates having to fill out long forms. There are, however, certain things that we do need to know in order to find out if your roof is suitable.

When you fill out the application for free solar we need to know where your house is in order to determine if the roof points in the right direction and whether it is large enough to fit the panels on. To find this out we need your postcode, this will show us the area that you live in. You can then drop a pin on the map to show us which property is your home.

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There are a few other contact details we will need so that we can get back to you in order to keep you updated on the progress of your application. There is also room for you to provide a message. It is important that you let us know any important factors that may help your application. For example you may not be able to find your home on the map or the Google map may show a large tree over-shadowing your property, which is no longer there, or you may have extended your roof since the photo was taken - these are the types of things you need to put in the message section.

Once your application has been sent we try our best to process it within 48 hours, this is not always possible, particularly if you apply over the weekend. Once we have looked at your application we will contact you to let you know the outcome. This is always done by email in the first instance, which is why we need an email address. If you do not hear back from us within, say, 72 hours please submit a contact form with your details and we will see if your application is still pending. Don't apply again without first letting us check on the status of your original application.

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