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Free Solar Panels

Free Solar Panels - The Truth

The free solar industry is very new and not yet fully understood, accordingly there are some myths flying around, after having installed thousands of free systems since April 2010 we have real and accurate data, as well as feedback from thousands of people:

1. You're NOT tied into a 25 years agreement.

Nobody is personally tied into an agreement for 25 years. The current homeowner simply grants us a lease of the airspace above their roof - the lease itself is with the property for 25 years, not with the homeowner. It’s similar to how SKY works with their satellite dishes. When someone buys a property with our free panels, they buy it with the lease and our panels already in place. All they have to do is enjoy the FREE Electricity, there are no additional agreements to be signed.

2. You CAN convert your loft space.

You can with A Shade Greener, we've already had customers who have done just that. Under the terms of our agreement, we will completely remove and re-install the system entirely free of charge at least twice in the 25 year period for reasons such as loft conversions, extensions, renovations etc.

3. It DOESN'T put people off buying your property and lots of our customers can obtain mortgages. Our Lease adheres to the Council of Mortgage Lenders guidelines.

We've had many customers who have sold their property with our free system installed and the new homeowners are delighted with the panels (especially as they’re maintenance free). Many of our customers who have sold their property are actually convinced that having our free system installed actually assisted with the sale. As our lease complies with the Council of Mortgage Lenders guidelines none of our customers have had problems with remortgaging their properties and new buyers have not had problems raising a mortgage. Our in-house Legal Team are always available to assist where necessary.

4. The savings you make WILL be worth it.

We recently surveyed 100 of our customers who’d had our system for over 1 year. The average reduction in their annual electric bill was 37%, with 25% of those questioned enjoying savings of 50% and over. We have further evidence about what you can expect to save as we have now installed 50 import/export meters onto a random selection of properties so that we can monitor exactly how much of the free electricity is being used by every home – there is no estimating – these are real figures. When we last checked, our panels were providing those customers with an average of 46% of the total power required by their homes.

If you manage your electricity wisely – taking advantage of the daytime electricity (using timer switches if you work full time) and stagger the usage of your appliances you will definitely notice a big difference, as have all our customers.

5. We DON'T own your roof and you CAN sell your property.

We do not own your roof or any part of it, and you would not need our permission to sell your property.

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