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Questions & Answers

We get asked lots of questions here at A Shade Greener, and while we do try our best to answer any questions, we've collated the most frequently asked questions below for reference.

Q: Are you currently accepting applications for Free Solar Panels?

A: Sorry no, due to recent changes in the Government Feed In Tariff we are no longer accepting new applications for Free Solar.

Free Solar Related FAQs

Q: Will we own the panels?

A: No, not initially, we retain ownership, however, at the end of the FIT Scheme under the terms of the Agreement with the homeowner we will agree to leave the panels on the property in perpetuity (i.e. forever – for the life of the panels) so that the owner of the property can continue to benefit from them or benefit from any tariffs that may be in place at that time, without having to pay anything.

Q: Do you offer a buyout clause?

A: No, we don’t sell our systems. Some of the buyout clauses that other free solar companies offer are ridiculously expensive – some as high as £20,000 – they have to be in order for the company to cover its costs and profits. We would rather not offer the option at all if it means charging exorbitant prices

Q: Will I have to change Electricity Supplier?

A: No, you will retain the right to swap and change suppliers as and when you wish.

Q: Will all my electricity during the day will be free?

A: No. The panels produce electricity whilst ever it’s light, but it increases as the day wears on, peaks between 10.30 and 4.00pm, then wanes as the day comes to a close. It also depends on cloud cover. If there’s dense cloud, the panels won’t be producing as much as on a clear, bright day. At peak the panels can produce around 3000 watts. Our system will provide around 2800kw hours of electricity per year. The average house uses around 4000. If the panels aren’t producing enough electricity to meet your needs, you’ll simply pull the rest from the grid. You wouldn’t notice it happening.

Q: Will I need to read your meter?

A: No. You don’t have to read anything. Our meter is remotely maintained and sends us information electronically.

Q: Will I still receive an electricity bill?

A: Yes, because you will still be with your main Electricity Supplier. However, it should be much lower than what you usually pay because you will have our FREE electricity during daylight hours.

Q: How would I know which electricity supply I am using in my house? Would there be some kind of switch to change from the solar panels to my normal electricity supply? Otherwise, how can I be sure that I am not being charged by my normal supplier?

A: When the solar panels are fitted, you use your electricity as normal. If there is electricity being produced by the panels when you use anything electrical it will use that first automatically. If there isn’t enough being produced for what you need, or if it is night-time, then you will automatically use electricity from your usual supplier.

Q: What if something goes wrong with the panels?

A: We monitor the panels remotely. Accordingly we will know very quickly if something goes wrong.

Q: Will I receive a certificate for all the electrical work for when I sell the property?

A: Yes.

Q: What will happen when I sell the property?

A: The new homeowner will simply continue to benefit from the panels, a new agreement will NOT have to be signed.

Q: Do the panels make any noise when they are generating the electricity?

A: No, there are no moving parts.

Q: Will my lights be dimmer? Will my electric fan oven reach temperature? Is the electricity as strong?

A: You won’t notice any difference whatsoever. If the panels aren’t producing much electricity (as on a very dull day) the electricity from the grid will simply ‘top it up’. All your electrical appliances will work as normal.

Q: Can I use more than one electrical appliance at a time?

A: You can use however many appliances you wish. What the panels don’t produce, the rest will be drawn from the grid. You won’t notice ANY difference at all.

Q: What happens if we don’t use all the electricity the panels produce during the day?

A: It is fed back into the national grid automatically.

Q: Do I have to buy special electrical equipment to use?

A: No, absolutely not. You can simply go about your life as normal.

Q: Do I have to switch the panels on each day?

A: No, absolutely not. They are working all the time. When there is no daylight, they are simply on ‘standby’. You don’t have to switch them on or off.