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Join 67,000 A Shade Greener customers already saving.

Welcome to A Shade Greener. Providers of FREE Solar Panels

A Shade Greener are the UK market leaders in the free solar industry with over 75,000 free installs under our belt, we have many happy customers benefiting from the FREE electricity our systems provide. We're not currently installing but you can register your interest for FREE solar panels for when installations resume in 2019.

As featured on BBC 2's Working Lunch

BBC Watchdog have advised consumers to only deal with MCS and REAL approved companies such as ourselves. Watch now to see one of our free solar installations underway.

Is it really free?

Yes, our service is absolutely 100% free. Thanks to the Government initiated FIT Scheme, which was brought in to incentivize people to invest in renewable energy - and that's exactly what we're doing. Read More...

It works like this: Under the FIT Scheme, the power companies pay an inflated rate, called the Generation Tariff, for all of the electricity produced by the solar panels, whether it is used by the occupier, or not. All we do is borrow money from our bank to cover the costs of the system, admin work, maintenance, installation and everything else. The Generation Tariff then pays back the bank and eventually our profits. Our customers, however, benefit immediately from the free electricity that our systems provide.

There must be a catch, what is it?

There is no catch. We have installed thousands of systems for our extremely happy customers, we've featured on the BBC four times and keep in touch with the public online via Facebook, Twitter, and you can find us on Google+. If there was a catch you would know about it by now. Most importantly, BBC's Watchdog recommended that you only deal with MCS and REAL approved companies such as ourselves.

Another Happy Customer

"What a great company! Quick & easy, would definitely recommend!"

Julie Peters
Another Happy Customer

"Incredibly fast service, could not be happier!"

Susan Dixon
Another Happy Customer

"Saved so much money over the past few months, great service."

Thomas Dixon

Is it a disruptive process?

No, not at all. Our team can have a system up and functional in just a few hours. The majority of the work is done on the outside so no redecorating is needed. Our PV Installers are also professional roofers with many years of experience, so they know exactly what they're doing.

How can I find out if my roof is suitable?

Please register your interest for FREE solar panels and we will contact you when installations resume in 2017.

Join 67,000 A Shade Greener customers already saving.