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How it works

1. Submit a quick enquiry

Enter a few details about your property and we’ll give you a call in just a few minutes.

2. Get connected

Once we’ve confirmed your details we’ll connect you with our network of cash-buyers and property investors.

3. Receive offers

Receive a cash offer for your property in as little as 24 hours.

4. Agree and Complete

If you’re happy with the cash offer provided then we’ll do the rest for you and complete your sale in as little as 7 days.

We work closely with hundreds of cash-buyers and property investors across the UK

Cash-buyers are a great alternative to selling your house through a traditional estate agent, which can often end up being an expensive and lengthy experience. We have arranged a network of cash-buyers and investors which is cleverly set up to avoid the money, time and hassle associated with traditional property sales. Cash-buyer transactions are very quick as you don’t have to wait for a mortgage to go through, meaning you are able to get a completion on your property in as little as 7 days. Of course, this doesn’t have to be quite so speedy if you need a while longer.

About Cash-buyer Connections

A cash buyer connection service is exactly as it sounds, people that for whatever reason are needing a quick sale of their property are connected with cash buyers and property investors in their area. Providing homeowners with a quick cash sale without the hassle, extortionate fees and wasted viewings associated with traditional estate agents.

Cash buyer networks are made up of lots of property investors, so even if your house is run down or in a poor condition you can still easily get cash offers for your property, which you may struggle to get on the open market.

Find cash-buyers in your area

Why should I use a cash-buyer service?

Our cash buyer networks are a unique and handy alternative to using estate agents, and better still, we can find cash-buyers for your house at no cost to you.

You won't be charged for being connected with cash-buyers, the service is 100% free to use. So it's worth requesting a free offer on your property.

There is no risk of lengthy property chains or mortgage hold ups, just a hassle free transaction with your chosen cash-buyer.

You don’t have to pay any estate agency fees, legal fees or surveyor fees.

A cash-buyer network means you can get your house sold in as little as 7 days, or at a time to suit you.

Cash-Buyers VS Other methods

Average sale time
20 weeks
Average total fees: £5,000
Obligation: Signage & Setup costs
Average sale time
4-10 weeks
Average total fees: £4,500
Obligation: Standard Auction Fee
VS symbol
Cash Buyers
Average sale time
7 days
Average total fees: £0
Obligation: None

The Pro's & Con's of Cash-buyers

There are endless positives when selling to a cash-buyer; first of all you get a speedy house sale without the involvement or fees associated with estate agents, your legal fees are paid for you and best of all there's absolutely no risk of complicated property chains or endless wasted viewings.

What about the negatives? Well, regardless as to whether you go through an estate agents or a cash-buyer network, you will often find that cash-buyers tend to offer below the asking price. However, as there is no commitment involved with getting an offer from a cash-buyer network it's always worth getting one anyway then weighing up the pro's and con's before accepting.

Ask yourself a few questions: Would you come out with any more money by going down the traditional route of using an estate agent? A process which could take several months to sell your home, whilst devaluing it in the process. You will often find that although offers from cash-buyers are usually lower, the lack of legal and estate agent fees involved means you will still get the price you wanted for the property, just in a much quicker time scale. Making it a win win solution for many home owners.

Find cash-buyers in your area

When should I use this service?

There are many reasons why homeowners find themselves requiring the services of a cash-buyer network, from needing a quick sale to simply avoiding the hassle of estate agents.

  1. Selling due to divorce
  2. Facing repossession
  3. Financial difficulties
  4. Emigrating
  5. Selling an inherited property
  6. Retirement
  7. Found their dream home

Your Trusted Cash-Buyer Network

We have a nationwide group of cash-buyers and property investors across the UK, all looking to buy houses for cash.

With our trusted cash buyer network you could sell your home for cash in as little as 7 days. So whether you’re selling an inherited property, looking to emigrate or have found yourself in financial difficulties, there is no quicker, more hassle free way to sell.

£4,623,984 available funds across our cash-buyer network.

What our customers are saying:

Another Happy Customer

"This is a fantastic alternative for anyone looking for a quick sale without the inconvenience and timescale involved with estate agents. We’re so glad we came across this site."

Kieran Doherty
Another Happy Customer

"After separating from my partner we didn’t want the drawn out hassle of selling the house so I contacted these chaps for a quick sale. I found the service very professional and better still they don’t charge any fees."

Matthew Glover
Another Happy Customer

"I didn’t have time to put my house on the open market and was on the verge of repossession. This service meant I was able to recieve with a cash offer within 24 hours, I couldn't believe it. Absolute lifesaver."

Vicky Jessop

Find Cash-buyers Now

We'll connect you with cash-buyers in your area