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Frequently Asked Questions

Free Solar Panels

Q: Are you currently accepting applications for Free Solar Panels?

A: Sorry, due to recent changes in the Government Feed In Tariff we are no longer accepting new applications for Free Solar Panels at the moment. However, Free Solar will be making a comeback in 2018. - Register your interest here to ensure you’re amongst the first to be contacted once we’re back up and running!

Q: Why do you still have a section on the website about Free Solar Panels?

A: We want our 70,000+ existing customers to find us easily, and be able to access their online accounts, which is why the free solar elements of our website need to remain in place to allow this.

Existing Customers

Q: Can I still access my readings?

A: Yes of course you can! Simply log in as usual and check out your readings on our website as usual.

Q: How do I contact you?

A: Visit our ‘Contact us’ page for a full list of contact details.

Q: I notice you are no longer installing free solar panels. Does this affect existing customers?

A: No, this doesn’t affect existing free solar panel customers. All systems will still be monitored and maintained in the usual way by A Shade Greener Maintenance.

Q: My energy provider wants to upgrade my electric meter, will this affect my solar panels?

A: No, your solar panels will continue to work as normal with your new energy meter.

Other Queries

Q: Do I need to be an existing A Shade Greener customer to reap the benefits of the new website?

A: Nope! Our deals and products are available to everyone, everywhere, you don’t need to be an existing A Shade greener customer. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get exploring all those great deals and offers!