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Choosing a new oil boiler

Oil fired central heating is the most popular option amongst the four million households not connected to the gas network. Whilst there are fewer oil boiler brands to choose from when compared to gas boilers, the market still offers a degree of choice when replacing an oil boiler or heating system.

Modern oil-fired condensing boilers utilise the latest heating technology and achieve efficiency ratings of over 90%, with older boilers operating at around 60% efficiency the savings benefits will become apparent quickly.

What type of oil boiler should I choose?

Modern oil combi boilers are designed to be 'space-saving' making them ideal for homes with limited room available. They provide both heating and hot water on demand as the boilers have an internal hot water store rather than an external water storage tank. A small drawback to this can be that the flow rate can be slightly slower due to the water being heated as it flows through the boiler, however this isn't usually an issue for small to medium sized households.

This type of boiler system is more suited to larger households where significant quantities of hot water is required on demand. If you are replacing an older boiler you will often find that this is a standard conventional system, which incorporates a boiler along with external controls, an expansion cistern and hot water cylinder which is then fed by a cold water storage cistern (usually located in the loft). Although conventional systems can take up quite a bit of space, modern systems can now be fitted externally which means you gain valuable space back within the home and eliminate any running noise emitted from your system.

If you are unsure of the type of system that would be best suited to your home then your local oil heating installer will be able to advise you.

The Oil Boiler Brands You Can Trust

Whilst there are fewer oil boiler brands to choose from it's still important that you know the brands you can trust, and those you might want to avoid. We advise that you check the make and model of boiler that your installer intends to use, then carry out a quick online search to gain customer experiences and reviews of your new boiler before committing. We have outlined some of the most trusted leading boiler manufacturers below.

The type of boiler warranty provided with your new oil boiler is also a crucial factor to consider when making your choice. You will usually get a standard manufacturer's warranty with your new boiler, though many installers will also provide an extended warranty on specific brands or models.

Leading Boiler Brands Standard Manufacturer's Warranty Boiler Efficiency
Grant UK Logo 10 years Green Boiler Efficiency
Viessmann Logo 10 years Green Boiler Efficiency
Worcester Logo 5 years Green Boiler Efficiency
Warmflow Logo 5 years Green Boiler Efficiency
Firebird Logo 2-5 years Green Boiler Efficiency
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What to expect from an installer

When choosing an installer, whether they be national or local, you should always ensure they are OFTEC registered. It is also advisable that you ensure they are accredited by a trade body.

Oil boilers are considered a niche market so it is likely that you will have to source the services of a local installer who specialises in oil boilers. This is not a cause for concern however, as local companies tend to offer honest advice and are usually highly experienced tradesmen, relying on reputation rather than large marketing budgets in order to secure customers.

If you have a certain boiler type that you would prefer based on your own research or experience then local boiler installers are usually more accommodating than national installers. You need to ensure your installer provides you with the paperwork for you new oil boiler so that you may register the warranty.

Ways to pay for your new boiler

You will usually get the cheapest oil boiler deal if you purchase your new boiler outright, however most of us are not in a position to afford the upfront costs of a new boiler. Fortunately there are finance options are available from most installers. Opting for a boiler on finance is a handy alternative for those who might struggle with the upfront costs or those who simply prefer to spread the cost into more manageable monthly payments.

Boiler finance plans will vary depending on installer so you will need to do a bit of research to find out more about their payment length and terms. When taking out boiler finance be sure to ask your installer what the total payment will be over the term as it could be worth considering a loan for the amount needed.

If you have the money available to buy your new boiler upfront then you will get a much better deal as you will avoid the interest rates involved in finance. Depending on the boiler company or installer you will probably need to pay a small deposit upfront, followed by the remaining balance due on completion of your boiler installation.

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We know having no mains gas can be a pain and is often considered to be more expensive, which is why we're here to connect you with the best value installers of oil boilers in your area. We've established a network of reputable tradesman across the UK, made up of highly recommended installers to ensure you get the very best boiler deal available.

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