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What to look for in a new LPG boiler

LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) boilers are very common amongst homes not connected to mains gas. Whilst LPG historically used to be one of the most expensive fuel sources when compared to the price of regular gas boilers, this is no longer the case as the price of LPG has dropped significantly in the last few years.

A boiler replacement is considered to be one of the most important and expensive household purchases you will make, so it's vital you get the right boiler to suit your home. One of the most important things to consider when choosing a new LPG boiler is the associated energy efficiency rating, as this will directly affect how much fuel your boiler uses. New LPG boilers have a rating of over 90% and will save an average of £340 per year on heating costs when compared to older boilers.

The LPG Boiler Brands You Can Trust

Most modern gas boilers are now LPG compatible, providing you with much more choice when looking for a new LPG boiler, therefore it's important that you know the boiler brands you can trust and those it’s wise to avoid. When arranging your boiler deal with your chosen installer you should always ensure they inform you which boiler brand and model they will be installing so you can have a quick check online for reviews and customer experiences before you agree to the deal.

You should always check the type of warranty included with your new LPG boiler, at the very least this should include a 2 year manufacture warranty however many installers usually offer an extended warranty with certain boiler brands. It's always best to check with your installer to ensure you get the longest warranty available on your new boiler.

Leading Boiler Brands Standard Manufacturer' Warranty Maximum Warranty Offered Boiler Efficiency
Worcester Logo 5 years 7 Years Green Boiler Efficiency
Vaillant Logo 5 years 10 Years Green Boiler Efficiency
Viessmann Logo 5 years 10 Years Green Boiler Efficiency
Glow Worm Logo 3 years 10 Years Green Boiler Efficiency
Ideal Boilers Logo 2 years 10 Years Green Boiler Efficiency
Potterton Logo 2 years 7 Years Green Boiler Efficiency
Baxi Logo 2 years 7 Years Green Boiler Efficiency
Find the Best Boiler Deals

What to expect from an installer

When choosing a boiler installer, whether they be national or local, it's crucial that you ensure they are Gas Safe Registered and accredited by a trade body.

When choosing an installer or company to fit your new boiler, you will need to check that they are experienced in dealing with LPG boilers as standard natural gas boilers will need to be adapted by installing an LPG conversion kit. We advise that you contact a local company who specialise in LPG systems. You will usually find that local installers offer the most honest advice and tend to be highly experienced engineers, making them an excellent option for a professional hassle free boiler installation.

Local installers tend to offer more competitive deals than national installers and are usually much more accommodating to your preferences.

Ways to pay for your new boiler

You can pay for your new boiler in a number of ways depending on your available budget. If you have the funds available then you will usually get the cheapest boiler deal if you buy outright, however boiler finance provides a handy alternative if you don't have the money upfront.

Many installers offer boiler finance from as little as no deposit, with payment terms available between 1 and 10 years. Make sure you check the interest rates associated with your chosen boiler deal, these should be between 9.9% and 11.9%. Be cautious of interest rates which seem a little high as you will end up paying more for your new boiler in the long run. It could be worth looking at taking out a personal loan to cover the cost as this could be cheaper in the long run.

Some companies offer a unique boiler finance plan which is more suitable for customers with a poor credit rating, as they offer a new LPG boiler on a 10 year payment plan with 0% APR and no credit checks. However, whilst this can be a useful for those who struggle getting regular finance, you will normally have to pay a minimum deposit of £250 and the monthly repayments can be considerably more expensive than the payments associated with standard finance packages.

If you have the money available to pay for your boiler upfront then you will get the cheapest boiler deal. Depending on the boiler company or installer you will usually be asked to pay a small deposit upfront followed by the remaining balance due on completion of your install.

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We've created a network of reputable tradesmen across the UK, connecting you with the best value installers of LPG boilers in your area. All installers are gas safe registered and come highly recommended to ensure you get the very best boiler deal available.

Find the Best Boiler Deals

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