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Find the Best Gas Boiler Deals

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We work closely with hundreds of highly recommended installers across the UK to ensure you get the best boiler deal

Our service matches your needs with the most trusted and affordable tradesmen in your area. So whether you need a full central heating system, new system boiler, combi boiler or even an old back boiler switch, we're here to provide impartial advice and ensure you get the best boiler deal around.

What to look for in a new gas boiler

A new boiler is considered to be one of the most important and expensive household purchases, so it's important to choose the right boiler for your home. The most important factor to consider when choosing a new boiler is the associated efficiency rating, as this not only affects how quickly your boiler will heat water, but also how much gas your boiler uses while operating.

We know every penny helps, which is why we always advise that no matter what the brand, you should make sure that you it is an 'A' rated boiler that is fitted. 'A' rated boilers boast the highest efficiency and can save a household up to £340 per year on gas when compared to an older boiler. This is good to consider when looking at the cost of a new boiler.

Trusted Boiler Brands

There are countless boiler manufacturers on the market, so it's important that you know the brands you can trust and those to avoid. Always ensure your chosen installer informs you exactly which boiler brand and model they will be installing, this way you can easily check online for customer reviews and experiences before you commit to the boiler. We have outlined the leading boiler brands to look out for below.

All new boilers will come with some form of warranty, though the length of the warranty will vary depending on the manufacturer. In addition, many installers negotiate extended warranties for the boilers that they install. It's always best to purchase a boiler with a long warranty as this both covers you against future issues and serves as a good indicator to the manufacturer's confidence in their product. Below is a table of the standard warranty periods on offer for the most popular brands.

Leading Boiler Brands Standard Manufacturer Warranty Maximum Warranty Offered Boiler Efficiency
Worcester Logo 5 years 7 Years Green Boiler Efficiency
Vaillant Logo 5 years 10 Years Green Boiler Efficiency
Viessmann Logo 5 years 10 Years Green Boiler Efficiency
Glow Worm Logo 3 years 10 Years Green Boiler Efficiency
Ideal Boilers Logo 2 years 10 Years Green Boiler Efficiency
Potterton Logo 2 years 7 Years Green Boiler Efficiency
Baxi Logo 2 years 7 Years Green Boiler Efficiency
Find the Best Boiler Deals

Heating Controls & Extras

Most boiler packages generally include basic items such as thermostat as standard, with certain items such as radiator valves being charged as 'extras' or 'add-ons' should you require them. So it's always best to compare a few boiler packages to ensure you get the most for your money.

When replacing a boiler it's good to consider replacing your heating controls (thermostats). Most modern boiler thermostats are usually wireless digital systems which provide you with the a great deal of control over your central heating system, allowing you to heat only certain rooms at certain times, which helps you to waste less energy and cut back on your gas bills. The most advanced thermostats even adapt themselves to your needs to reduce your energy bills by as much as 20%.

A system or chemical flush, more commonly known as a powerflush is often carried out by an engineer when installing your new boiler. The flush is done to cleanse your system of sludge and debris to help increase the efficiency and life expectancy of your new boiler.

A magnetic filter is often fitted following the powerflush process and are essentially used to protect your system against any future buildup of sludge and debris, therefore helping to maintain the cleanliness and efficiency of your central heating system for years to come.

What to expect from an installer

When choosing a boiler installer, whether they be national or local, it's crucial that you ensure they are Gas Safe Registered and accredited by at least one of the following trade bodies.

Local Boiler Installations

Local boiler installers and companies are generally reliable and highly experienced, as it is quite common that they are a family run businesses and must rely on their reputation. They are an excellent alternative to larger national installers as they offer a more personalised service, and are often much cheaper than better known installers. If you have a boiler brand in mind that you would prefer based on your own research or experience then a local installer is likely to be more accommodating, as national installers tend to have agreements in place with a single boiler manufacturer.

When choosing a local boiler installer, you will find that they often purchase your prefered boiler type in the brand/make you want direct from the supplier, so you should always ensure that this comes with a manufacturer's warranty. Larger manufacturers such as Worcester Bosch, Vaillant and Viessmann, tend to provide the longest warranties.

Some local boiler installers are not manufacturer approved installers therefore you may only get the standard manufacturer's warranty rather than the extended warranties offered by many national installers.

It can be quite difficult to find local boiler installers online, which also means it is not an easy task to find their existing customer experiences and reviews. Therefore it is always best to use a local installer who has either come recommended through friends and family or who is part of an approved installer network.

National Boiler Installers

Boilers and central heating systems installed by national installers tend to come with extended warranties rather than the standard manufacturer warranty, this is due to the strong relationships in place between the company and the boiler manufacturers.

National boiler installers are quick to find via a simple internet search, making it easy to find customer experiences and reviews across various online sources, which can be very useful for eliminating companies with a bad reputation and helping you to find the most reputable company to use. National installers are also very easy to contact should an issue arise with your boiler as they tend to have 24/7 customer service centers.

National boiler installers can be slightly less helpful when it comes to offering the best advice as they tend to be on strict time schedules, and due to a high turnover in staff you may find their heating engineers are less experienced than local installers.

National installers have a huge customer base as they spend heavily on marketing, a downside to this however can be that they are considerably more expensive as a result of their overheads. If you’re on the lookout for a bargain there maybe far better alternatives out there.

Find the Best Boiler Deals

Ways to pay for your new boiler

There are a number of ways to pay for your new boiler depending on your budget. If you have the money available you will more often than not get the cheapest boiler deal if you purchase outright. If purchasing a boiler outright is not an option there are plenty of finance packages available so it is worth shopping around.

New boilers can be costly, which is why most people find themselves opting for a boiler finance deal. Some companies offer boiler finance with no deposit, and payment terms of up to 10 years, making this a great option for those on tight budgets. Just make sure you check the interest rates associated with your chosen boiler deal, often between 9.9% and 11.9% so be cautious of high interest rates as this will inevitably mean you pay much more for your boiler in the long run.

Some companies offer an alternative finance plan which is suitable for those with a poor credit rating as no credit check is required. Whilst this can be a fantastic offer for those who might struggle getting a boiler on finance you will usually have to pay a minimum deposit of £250 and the monthly costs can be more expensive than a finance package.

Though it can be tempting to spread the cost over many years, if you have the funds to buy your boiler out-right then do so as you will avoid the interest incurred through finance, sometimes saving several hundred pounds. Depending on the boiler company you may be asked to pay a 10% deposit upfront followed by the remaining balance due on completion of your install.

The Smarter Way to Find An Installer

We've established a network of reputable tradesmen across the UK to help put customers in touch with the very best heating engineers in their area. All installers come highly recommended to ensure you get the very best boiler deals.

Find the Best Boiler Deals

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